President: Sandra Jacobowitz
Vice-President: Sophia Roslin
Treasurer: Francette Fey
Secretary: Lisa George



Laura Green
Alice Hung
Jon Nowak
Genevieve Pamel
Lija Waggoner


Managing Director: Jerod Swallow
Facility Manager: Brett Waara
Office Manager: Debbie Peterson
Administrative Assistant: Marrianne Swift
Test Chairpersons: Sandra Jacobowitz
Sanctions Chairperson: Debbie Peterson
Synchronized Team Director: Brooke Sloan
Learn To Skate Director: Rachel Lee
Ice Show Director: Rachel Lee

Herbert Cook 1949-51
Hugh Dean 1951-54
Allen Lomax 1954-55
J. Lawrence Cain 1955-56
Dr. Kenneth Wood 1956-57
Edward Gage 1957-58
Norman Lawton 1958-59
Rudolph Hesberger 1959-60
Gale Brainard 1960-61
J. Clifford Hanna 1961-62
Wendell Young 1962-64
Gale Brainard 1964-65
William Martin Jr. 1965-66
Arnold Schroeder 1966-67
George Platzer Jr. 1967-68
Dr. Donald Simmons 1968-69
Timothy Neenan 1969-70
W. Tracy Ogletree 1970-71
Alfred Craigie 1971
Albert Viviani 1972-74
Carl Luther 1974-75
J. Clarke Smith 1975-76
Dr. Louis Rossoni 1976-79
Bill Moceri 1979-82
Robert Bolton 1982-85
Kenneth Barget 1985-88
Andrew Paterson 1989-92
Donald Brundirks 1993-97
David Robinson 1998-99
Herb Vader 2000-03
Edward Kmit 2003-2007
Steve Crosby 2007-2008
Michael Young 2008-2012
Will Sterbenz 2012-2013
Sandra Jacobowitz 2013-

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