Detroit Skating Club – 2016-17 Fall/Winter
As of February 7, 2017

5:00pm Snowplow 1 1st Scott
Snowplow 2 1st Jean-Luc
Snowplow 3/4 1st Jennifer B.
Basic 1 1st Kaitlin
Basic 2 1st Val
Basic 3 1st Anastasia
Basic Boys 2nd Scott
Basic 4 2nd Jennifer J.
Basic 5/6 2nd Sandy
Basic 8/FS 2nd Jennifer B.
6:30pm Intro to Dance 1st (A) Jean-Luc
5:00pm Snowplow 1 1st Andrea
Snowplow 2 1st Alexandra
Snowplow 3/4 1st Val
Basic 1 1st Jennifer B.
Basic 2 1st Anastasia
Basic 3 1st Sandy
Basic Boys 2nd Val
Basic 4 2nd Sara
Basic 5 2nd Sandy
Basic 6/7 2nd Ann
Basic 8 2nd Anastasia
FS 2nd Andrea
 6:00pm Intro to Dance  2nd (A) Alexandra
 5:00pm Intro to Dance  2nd  Alexandra
 6:00pm Intro to Dance  1st  Alexandra
 5:00pm Snowplow 1 1st Val
Snowplow 2 1st Kaitlin
Snowplow 3/4 1st Zuzanna
Basic 1 1st Abby
Basic 2 1st Jennifer B.
Basic 3 (1/2) 1st Jean-Luc
Basic Boys (Low) 1st Scott
Hockey Skills 1st Lori
Basic Boys (High) 2nd Jean-Luc
Basic 3 (1/2) 2nd Ann
Basic 4 2nd Tatiana
Basic 5/6 2nd Jennifer B.
Basic 7/8 2nd Abby
5:45pm Intro to Dance 1st (A) Alexandra
9:00am Intro to Dance 1st Alexandra
Intro to Dance 1st Val
Adult Beginner 2nd Jennifer B.
Adult Advanced 2nd Jennifer J.
 10:00am Snowplow 1 1st Val
Snowplow 2 1st Sandy
Snowplow 3 1st Abby
Snowplow 4 1st Ann
Basic 1 1st Jennifer B.
Basic 2 1st Paul
Basic 3 (1/2) 1st Alexandra
Hockey Skills 1st Nicolette
Basic Boys (Low) 2nd Rique
Basic Boys (High) 2nd Scott
Basic 3 (1/2) 2nd Alexandra
Basic 4/5 2nd Sandy
Basic 6 2nd Ann
Basic 7/8 2nd Scott
FS 2nd Jennifer B.
 12:30pm Adult Beginner 1st (A) Scott
Adult Beginner 1st (A) Jennifer B.

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