Fall/Winter Session Schedule 2016-2017
Monday, September 12 – Saturday, May 20
No classes Tuesday, December 20 – Monday, January 2 (Christmas break); Classes resume Tuesday, January 3rd

The Fall/Winter Session will run 34 weeks.  New this session…four payment plan (automatic credit card debit) available!  See Marrianne or Debbie in the main office to register via the payment plan system.  One time, full payment registration available online via the DSC website.  Fall/Winter Session fees: (single payment) $408 for 60-minute class, $340 for 45-minute class OR (four payment plan) $104.50 per payment for 60-minute class, $87.50 per payment for 45-minute class with automatic payments scheduled for date of registration, November 12th, January 16th, and March 20th.

Skaters must check with the Dance Academy Coordinator, Anne Marine, at amarine@dscclub.com, for proper class placement prior to registering for class.

Ballet Level 1 
Monday 4:45–5:30pm
Friday 4:30–5:15pm

Ballet Level 2
Saturday 9:45–10:45am

Ballet Level 3
Tuesday 5:15–6:15pm
Saturday 8:30–9:30am

*Ballet Level 4
Monday 3:30–4:30pm
Wednesday 5:15-6:15pm
Friday 3:30-4:30pm

*Pairs Ballet
Wednesday 5:15-6:15pm

*Dance Teams Ballet
Monday 3:30–4:30pm
Friday 3:30–4:30pm

*Synchro Team (Juv) Ballet Barre/Stretch
Saturday 10:45-11:30am

*Classes require coach or Dance Academy coordinator approval

Please contact Anne Marine, Dance Academy Coordinator, to determine your skater’s placement in classes

(amarine@dscclub.com or 248-332-3000).


Summer Session Schedule 2016
June 20 – Sept 2 (10 weeks)
No class during Skate Detroit (July 18-22)

Summer session fees (10 classes): 45 minute class – $100, 60 minute class – $120, 75 minute class – $150
This is not a per class fee. It is a session fee.

Ballet Level 1
Wednesdays 9:30–10:30am
Wednesdays 5:00–5:45pm

Ballet Level 2
Thursdays 9:30–10:30am

Ballet Level 3
Tuesdays 9:30–10:30am
Fridays 9:30–10:30am

Ballet Level 4
Tuesdays 1:00–2:00pm
Thursdays 1:00–2:00pm

Jazz/Contemporary 4
Mondays 1:00–2:00pm

Pairs Ballet
Mondays 2:15–3:15pm
Wednesdays 2:15–3:15pm

Team Dance Ballet
Tuesdays 3:00–4:15pm
Tuesdays 4:15–5:30pm
Thursdays 3:00–4:15pm
Thursdays 4:15–5:30pm

Jazz/Hip Hop (ages 8-12yrs old)
Wednesdays 10:30–11:30am

Yoga (ages 9yrs and up)
Thursdays 6:00–7:00pm

Please contact Anne Marine, Dance Academy Coordinator, to determine your skater’s placement in classes

(amarine@dscclub.com or 248-332-3000 ext. 113).


Class Descriptions

Ballet: Ballet technique class provides the fundamental basis for all other movement styles. The skater will learn proper posture, body alignment, flexibility, control, precision, grace, and musicality.

Contemporary: Contemporary, or modern dance, focuses on developing movement and flexibility through the upper body, artistry, creativity, expression, and an understanding of complex musical structures.

Jazz/Hip Hop: This dance technique involves movement isolations of the torso, hips, and limbs often in complex rhythmic structures. The style ranges from classic jazz and Broadway to more contemporary hip hop movement vocabulary. Additional emphasis is placed on presentation and performance quality.

Hatha Yoga: Expands your physical and mental comfort zone. By balancing ease and effort, strength and stability (sometimes in long holds), your body becomes strong and steady. Breath awareness and pranayama (breathing exercises) can sooth and energize your mind or even balance the hemispheres of your brain giving you an easy method to reduce stress and anxiety and let go of habitual thought patterns. Expect to breathe deeply, be encouraged to push the boundaries of your comfort zone, and move in new and interesting ways in and positive and supportive environment.

Intro to Dance: A fun-filled creative movement class designed to introduce the student to dance through a series of structured improvisational activities. Learning focuses on developing creativity, musicality, large motor skills, and the four basic elements of dance/choreography (direction, level, speed, and shape).

Pilates: Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement.

Repertory: This class offers the student the opportunity to learn choreography for an informal performance at the end of the session.

Stretching for Flexibility: This class focuses on deep stretching specifically for flexibility training and often includes yoga-based postures. It is recommended to take this class at the END of a skater’s training day. It is not a warm-up class.



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