By proceeding to the registration website, I agree to the following terms and conditions.


As a student in the Detroit Skating Club, I/we the student and parent/guardian agree to assume the risks of participating in the program and waive all claims for any personal injury and/or loss or damage to property and hereby release the Detroit Skating Club, its Board of Directors, members, instructors, coaches, employees and agents from any liability whatsoever, which may arise as a result of participation. This release shall extend to all future damages and injuries of every nature, however sustained. All risks attendant to observing and/or participating are hereby assumed by the student and his/her parents and/or guardian and this assumption and release are acknowledged and approved.

The Detroit Skating Club reserves the right to terminate the stay of any student, without refund, when it is deemed to be in the best interest of either the student or the Detroit Skating Club.

The Detroit Skating Club reserves the right to use any pictures taken during the season for advertising and/or instructional purposes, including publication of the same on the DSC “web page” and Internet.

In the event that I/we are unable to be contacted or are unavailable for immediate authorization. I/we agree to hold harmless any hospital and its staff. I/we give permission for our child to be treated by a local physician.



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