November 9, 2019 @ 9:45 am – 1:00 pm

Ice Show Applications will be available October 1 in the main office and online. Please fill out form COMPLETELY and return to the main office before October 19.

Minimum test requirement for solo/feature tryouts –
passed Pre-Preliminary Moves test
To be ELIGIBLE for a 2-day solo spot – passed Pre-Juvenile Freestyle test/Intermediate free dance
To be ELIGIBLE for a 4-day solo spot – passed Juvenile Freestyle test/Novice free dance
(These are not guaranteed spots; these are “eligible for…”)
To be ELIGIBLE for the Opening number – either passed Juvenile Freestyle test OR passed Novice Moves test
To be ELIGIBLE for the Ice Dance number – passed 3 Pre-Bronze Dances
Tryout application information:
Your program may not exceed 2:00 minutes, but 1:30 is preferred.
Your music should be selected with care to highlight your ability as a “show” skater. The show will cast you into a spot according to your scores, age, ability, & style.
Keep in mind: You may be placed with a skater younger/older or lower/higher level than you.  You take that risk when trying out.
In addition, if you had a solo in a past show, using that number for your tryout is an excellent idea for saving your “training time”.  But, using a “short program” would not be in your best interest.
Tryout Judging:
There will be 3-4 judges and two accountants.  (It is out of our control if a judge or accountant cancels at the last minute.)
Each judge will give each skater three marks: Audience Appeal, Technical, & Presentation of Speed & Flow, points ranging from 0 – 300.  Programs should include a minimum of 3 elements.  It is in your best interest that you include your strongest technical elements.  (If you can do clean doubles/lifts, it would be to your best interest to put your doubles/lifts in your program.)
Any skater that is a graduating senior in 2020 will receive 300 additional points to go towards their total score. 
At the conclusion of the tryouts, the accountants will tally scores and the skaters with the highest scores will be posted approximately 1-hour following the tryouts indicating who receives a cold spot solo & a group solo.
The remaining skaters will receive features.
TEAM SKATERS – Please read VERY carefully:
If you plan to audition as a TEAM, and you split prior to the show (regardless of the time of year), you forfeit your spot that you as a TEAM earned!  Remember, you earned the spot as a TEAM, not a singles skater; therefore you will not be able to use the spot for a singles solo.  However, you may also tryout in a singles position to have a set of scores to be used if a spot needs to be filled after you split.  Even though the Director will do her best to accommodate you, there are no guarantees. Also, if you earn a singles solo spot and you are part of a team, with the Director’s permission, you MAY be able to use your singles solo spot for your team.

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