Detroit Skating Club – Fall 2019 

As of August 6, 2019
Classes start September 9, 2019
Registration is open – please call (248) 332-3000 x100 if you plan to start the week of September 9. If you want to begin classes after the week of September 9, please wait until one week prior to your own start date (we cannot hold class spots for those not starting the week of the 9th.)


Monday 11:00am Snowplow Sam/Low Basics/Adults B-Rink
Monday 6:15pm Snowplow Sam/Basics/FS/Hockey Skills A-Rink
Tuesday 5:00pm Snowplow Sam/Basics/FS B-Rink
Tuesday 5:45pm Intro to Dance A-Rink
Wednesday 5:00pm Intro to Dance B-Rink
Wednesday 5:45pm Snowplow Sam/Basics/FS B-Rink
Thursday 11:00am Snowplow Sam/Low Basics/Adults B-Rink
Thursday 5:00pm Snowplow Sam/Basics/FS B-Rink
Friday 4:45pm Intro to Dance A-Rink
Friday 5:45pm Intro to Dance A-Rink
Saturday 9:00am Intro to Dance B-Rink
Saturday 9:45am Adult Coffee Club A-Rink
Saturday 10:00am Snowplow Sam/Basics/FS/Hockey Skills B-Rink
Saturday 11:15am Intro to Dance B-Rink




888 Denison Ct | Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 | (248) 332-3000
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