SESSION REGISTRATION (Ice and Off-Ice strength and conditioning)

Registration for ice and off-ice strength & conditioning sessions will be done on a monthly basis throughout the year. Sessions will be available for purchase on-line at the reserved ice rate for one (1) month prior. (Example: May1-31 open for June registration; June 1-30 open for July registration; etc.) The first of each month rates will increase to the drop-in rate. (Example: 12:00am June 1 for June 1-30)

Extra session cards are now available and can be purchased at the ice monitor’s desk. Extra sessions purchased at the drop-in rate will expire six (6) months after purchase. Members are responsible for these cards; any cards that are lost will require a $25 replacement fee. (See make up sessions below). These cards are for ice and off-ice strength and conditioning sessions and cannot be used for the Dance Academy sessions.

Resident members only:  If you register for a minimum of 12 sessions per week per skater and purchase all the sessions once per month, you may purchase additional extra sessions at the reserved rate.  If you do not maintain 12 sessions per week this privilege will be revoked and additional purchase will be at the higher drop-in rate.

Skaters may only sign up for sessions for which they are eligible. Specified level is determined by Free Skate test passed, not Moves in the Field. Anyone not knowing their test level must verify that information before signing up. Your registration will be denied if you try to sign up for sessions for which you are not eligible. Sessions cover multiple levels i.e. FS Pre/Pre – Int is for anyone who has already tested Pre/preliminary, Preliminary, Pre/juvenile, Juvenile, or Intermediate Free Skate. Free Skate test levels are: Pre/Preliminary, Preliminary, Pre/Juvenile, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, and Senior.

ALL SKATERS MUST SIGN IN (First and Last name) AND CHECK THE APPROPRIATE SESSIONS AT THE MONITORS DESK. 5 MINUTE LATE RULE will apply to all skaters regardless if they have signed in or not. If you are going to be late, you MUST notify the ice monitor or after 5 minutes your session will be sold to drop-in skaters. You will not receive a refund for missed sessions.


1)    Switching sessions on the same day is permitted and can be done at the ice monitor’s desk.  You will only be able to switch to another session if you meet the proper requirements for the session type and the session is not full.

2)    Switching sessions from day to day is permitted within a one (1) week time period from the session date.  This can also be done at the ice monitor’s desk, however, this must be done PRIOR to the missed session and can only be used moving forward within the one week time period.

3)    Make-up sessions will be offered for those skaters who miss their scheduled ice sessions for various reasons. These make-up sessions will expire 30 days from the date of issue. To receive a make-up you must contact Debbie Peterson at or Marrianne at in writing. THIS MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO THE START OF THE MISSED SESSION. Make-ups will NOT be given for sessions already past. (Make-up sessions can be included on the extra session cards listed below)

4)  Extra session cards are now available and can be issued at the ice monitor’s desk. Extra sessions purchased at the drop-in rate will expire 6 months from date of purchase. Members are responsible for these cards; any cards that are lost will require a $25 replacement fee. 


  1. Any skater quitting for any reason after reserving ice must immediately notify the main office.
  2. The account balance of skater’s reserved ice will be calculated as of date of notification.
  3. There will be a $250 cancellation fee added to your account.
  4. Any monies owed the Club are to be paid in full.
  5. Any refunds will be sent by mail.
  6. No refunds will be given for ice not used. Skaters will only be given session credits for illness or injury if they have missed five or more consecutive skating days of their reserved ice sessions and turn in a written doctor’s excuse to the main office within 1 week after returning to skating. Skaters will be given credits up to the time they return to the ice. Once a skater returns there will be no credits given for sessions not skated.
  7. Credits (not refunds) will be given for sessions missed due to unexpected rink shutdowns.
  8. Membership dues are non-refundable.


GENERAL: Specified level is indicated on schedule. Single Freeskate, Moves and Compulsory dances only. For safety reasons, tots should be supervised by a coach at all times when doing these sessions.

FREE SKATE: Single Free Skate and Moves. Specified level will be determined by Freeskate test passed, not moves. COMP – Competitive sessions are the level posted and must have competed in the prior Regional Championship. Elite/Sectional are Novice and above and must have competed at the prior Sectional Championship.

ELITE:- National / International single competitive skaters only. No moves allowed on competitive and elite sessions.

TEAM DANCE: For Dance Teams only. Adult teams will be allowed to skate.

SOLO DANCE: Open to all levels of dance unless otherwise noted. Moves in the Field are not allowed. Singles or couples skating the dance of music being played have priority.

TEAM PAIR: For Pair Teams only. Adult teams will be allowed to skate.

TEAM: Shared session for pair and dance teams only.

ADULT SKATERS & TEAMS: 18 Years and older, may skate all AM and General sessions and Adult General sessions according to their level. Competitive F/S skaters are not allowed.

LEARN TO SKATE: Skaters who are currently enrolled in the DSC Learn to Skate (LTS) Program.

ALL SPECIAL REQUESTS must be approved by Jerod Swallow in writing and he reserves the right to move skaters to a session that better fits their skating abilities regardless of their test level or competition background.


PLEASE NOTE: All classes must have a minimum of 5 skaters registered or class will be canceled.

Even though we are allowing for class sign-ups on a monthly basis, the classes are geared toward participation during the whole season – for summer or fall/winter. Please plan to attend on a regular basis throughout the season. If this is not possible, discuss your options with the coach to make sure that the class will work for you.

The Gym at DSC allows the athlete to further their abilities as a skater by offering classes in strength and conditioning. We are committed to providing the athlete with what they need. For the competitive figure skater, the off-ice training and conditioning program is an essential element in your successful competitive career. For the recreational or test skater, the off-ice training and conditioning program is an opportunity to participate in a variety of disciplines that will enhance your ice skating experience. DSC has excellent instructors in these areas and all instructors are NSCA certified. All classes are supervised and age/skating level appropriate. Skaters are encouraged to sign up for any of their level appropriate classes.

Please Note: The Gym at DSC WILL NOT be held during the week of the Skate Detroit competition, during the two week Dec holiday schedule or during the ice show.


RESIDENT MEMBER RATES on-ice sessions and off-ice strength & conditioning
Reserved online $11.00 (during registration dates)
Drop-In $14.00 (after registration dates)

ALL OTHER MEMBER RATES on-ice sessions and off-ice strength & conditioning
Reserved online $12.00 (during registration dates)
Drop-In $15.00 (after registration dates)

GUESTS AND NON-MEMBER RATES on-ice sessions and off-ice strength & conditioning
$15.75 per session


The Dance Academy at DSC focuses on further developing the skater’s technical and artistic abilities as well as building strength for injury prevention. Classes are offered in a variety of different dance styles. These classes are registered as a complete 4-week (KickStart program) package in the Spring; a 10-week (Summer) session and 32-week (Fall/Winter) package. (Please note that not every dance class listed below is offered every session (Spring, Summer, Fall/Winter). The Dance Academy at DSC reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment (usually under 5 registrants).

Class Levels: Level 1 – Little or no previous ballet experience; No test – Preliminary; Level 2 – PreJuvenile – Intermediate; Level 3 – Novice – Senior; Level 4 – Elite and/or advanced Novice – Senior with Dance Academy Coordinator approval.


Spring KickStart Program (4 week session/1 class per week) – $40
Summer (10 week session/1 class per week) – $120 for 60-minute class and $100 for 45-minute class.
Fall (32 week session/1 class per week) – $384 for 60-minute class and $320 for a 45-minute class.

Please note there are no sessions on any holiday (Christmas, New Years, July 4th, etc.) make up class cards will be provided if the holiday falls on your class day. There are also no classes during the week of Skate Detroit or the Ice Show.

Drop-in rates for Fall/Winter Session Dance Academy classes are at normal drop-in ice rates. Drop-in rates are only for those skaters visiting DSC, not members. Members are required to take the full session.


Lockers are available for purchase by contacting Debbie in the main office. The fee includes lock and locker. Lockers are free for Resident and Life members. Please check with the ice monitor the first week of skating for your locker assignment.


Each DSC skating family will be required to volunteer 12 hours for the year (June 1 – May 31) or pay $100. For each hour volunteered at Skate Detroit you will receive triple value towards your required 12. (i.e. 1 hour = 3 hours). Ice show does NOT count toward hours. Volunteer hours will not be pro-rated.

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