How do I select the appropriate off-ice dance class for my skater?
All class levels coincide with your skater’s on-ice skating level. If your skater needs to be placed at a higher off-ice dance level than his/her skating level, an evaluation must be conducted by one of the off-ice dance professionals. This evaluation can take place by dropping in to a current ballet class or scheduling a private lesson with one of the instructors. The cost of the drop-in class or private evaluation will be the responsibility of the student.

What class level should my skater register for?
New skaters to the program should take a group class or schedule a private lesson for evaluation.

How many classes should my skater take?
Depending on the age of your skater, most on-ice coaches recommend taking 1-2 ballet classes per week. Many coaches also urge their skaters to take a contemporary dance class as well.

What is the proper attire for off-ice dance class?
For ballet classes, skaters MUST wear ballet slippers, or they will not be allowed to participate in class. Girls must wear skating dress with tights or a leotard with tights or leggings. Boys must wear skating attire. For contemporary and repertory classes, skaters should wear the same attire they would wear to ballet class, but the tights or leggings should be footless. Skaters will dance barefoot. For stretch class, skating attire or loose fitting clothing is acceptable.

How can my skater learn other dance styles besides ballet and contemporary?
“iDance” workshop intensives are offered frequently throughout the calendar year. These intensives give skaters the opportunity to explore different dance styles not offered on the regular class schedule such as Hip Hop, Broadway, Dance Improvisation, Choreography, Stepping, Jazz, and others.

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