Julianne Berlin

Julianne Berlin

Resident Coach

Contact information: (248) 421-3366 | coachjulieberlin@gmail.com

Coaching Specialty: Freestyle, Moves in the Field & Off-Ice Training


Julie Berlin has over 40 years of coaching experience and an extensive resume, including coaching in many figure skating programs in the United States as well as presenting at skating seminars in the United States and Canada. She has coached 23 skaters to the Sectional level, 19 skaters to the National level, and 6 skaters who have competed internationally, representing 8 different countries overall. Julie continues to love coaching young skaters, from the beginning stages through the elite levels of competitive figure skating. It has been a passion and a thrill for her to watch skaters reach their full potential. This is Julie 18th year coaching at Detroit Skating Club. She collaborates with many coaches on staff and greatly enjoys that camaraderie and all the success of her skaters.