Requirement, per family: 12 volunteer hours per year

(Skate Detroit 1 hour = 3 hours)

Option to pay-out: $300 per year, per family

Effective for the 2022-23 skating season when you renew your club dues and register for ice, each skating member (family) will have a volunteer fee of $300 added to their account. To receive a credit for the $300 you will be required to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours per year or opt to pay the $300 per family. See below for volunteer opportunities.

  • Each hour volunteered at Skate Detroit will triple in value.(i.e.:1 hour at Skate Detroit equals 3 hours, so 4 volunteer hours at Skate Detroit = your 12 hour total volunteer requirement.)

  • You can also commit to donate food items (on a pre-approved list) at least one week prior to Skate Detroit and receive credit towards your volunteer hours. Actual time allotted towards volunteer hours will be determined by donation and approved by the appropriate committee chairperson.

  • A combination of food donations and volunteer hours worked at Skate Detroit can determine your 12 hours.

  • If you cannot work Skate Detroit there are other opportunities throughout the year where you can complete your required 12 hour commitment.

  • Ice Show volunteering does not count towards your total hours, with the exception of tryouts in December.


  • A $300 fee will be applied annually to each member’s account at the beginning of each season (June 1 – May 31).

  • Proper validation of completed volunteer hours needs to be submitted to the main office (Marrianne Swift).

  • A $300 credit will be placed to the member’s account once volunteer requirements have been met.(Credits will not be pro-rated to any account with less than the required 12 hour minimum).